Code Name: Freya

Real Name: Freya Odinsdottir

Player: Stu

Powers: she was nearly unstoppable, but when Odin asked the Legion to watch after her, he reduced her power to that of a mere superhuman…

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Origin Story:


Basilisk has a stony body, and a stare attack that has no effect on Ion, which is unfortunate, because he really hates Ion…

Father Sam

A minor league villain who dresses like a priest, and uses his fog-emitting censer as both gas weapon and personal attack mode, he’s pretty resentful about the beatings he’s taken as the hands of the so-called “heroes.”

Circus of Doom

Ring Master Johan Stubblehoff – charismatic genius
The Strong Man – the world’s strongest man
The Bearded Lady – possessing of a voice that can charm or kill.
Cannonball – the human cannonball
The Killer Clown – he’s a clown, scary stuff

Cirque du Fear

Instructions as given to the Players —

Jay: you are playing the NPC villain “Monsieur Top Hat,” the leader and ringmaster of the Canadian criminal circus called Cirque Du Fear. They are a very low-budget, borderline not-even-super-criminals outfit. The Cirque Du Fear was founded by you, after you and your team (Chop Suey (Alan) the Chinese acrobat/conjoined twin to a dead skeleton, and Kodiac Klinton (Matt) the bear-tamer) were rejected by the ‘major’ super-criminal circus: the Circus of Doom. You also were once part of the Wala Wala Traveling Circus (same as Stuart’s PC, Hubble Munck, a.k.a., “Shell Game”) but they said you wouldn’t make the cut as their second act. HOW WRONG THEY ARE! And you (and your fellow nut jobs) are out to prove it, by visiting super-crime upon NYC and utterly defeating Shell Game (or any other Justice Legion heroes who happen to show their faces!) Your super-power is a specific kind of illusion, that can make any large area appear to be inside a (slightly spooky) circus big tent, complete with crowd that will cheer or boo as you mentally command them, and various other annoying effects (shining spot lights in Shell Game’s face, or a herd of miniature pink flying elephants that buzz his head, megaphone loudness of your RIDICULOUS French accent, etc.) Everyone who is inside the illusion has to make a Will DC save of 10, or agree that the imaginary circus is very creepy.
NOTE: you should just cut loose and “DM” the effects of you illusions yourself, having the crowd boo him for being lame, cheer all the little victories your team gets like a good punch, etc. – just keep in mind that you can’t really attack/effect him with more than annoyances, this is supposed to be comedy gold, not murderous onslaught, etc.

Matt: you are playing the NPC villain “Kodiac Klinton, bear-tamer,” the savage animal trainer of the Canadian criminal circus called Cirque Du Fear. They are a very low-budget, borderline not-even-super-criminals outfit outfit, made up of yourself and the French-Canadian “Monsieur Top Hat” (Jay) and “Chop Suey”(Alan) the Chinese acrobat/conjoined twin to a dead skeleton. Kodiac Klinton is a (Canadian) ‘Grizzly Adams’ type backwoodsman, who speaks exactly like Bill Clinton would if he was a Canadian backwoodsman, and who has a tame(?) Kodiak grizzly bear name “Hoser.” As in, “(soft Clintonesque voice) take his head off, you ‘Hoser, so we can feel his pain” etc.
In addition to trying to beat up Stu’s PC “Shell Game” with your fists and Hoser’s bear-strength, in a pinch you should probably call out your other animals: Montreal Moose, Saskatchewan Sasquatch, and Winnipeg (“Winni”) the Wolverine, Edmonton (the cowardly) Elk, and Calgary the Cougar. (Odds are pretty good these animals will fight each other, or possibly ‘ol Klinton himself, once let loose…)

Alan: you are playing the NPC villain “Chop Suey,” the Chinese acrobat of the Canadian criminal circus called Cirque Du Fear. They are a very low-budget, borderline not-even-super-criminals outfit, made up of yourself and the French-Canadian “Monsieur Top Hat” (Jay) and “Kodiac Klinton, bear-tamer” (Matt). Chop Suey is the younger brother of a pair of conjoined twin Chinese acrobats, but his brother was killed in a (not) death-defying stunt a few years ago. Always close, Chop had his dead brother’s (still attached) skeleton wired and preserved, so it still joins him at the hips, and is rigged to help him flip/spin/acrobat his (their?) way through super crime. I.e., swing his dead brother’s skeletal feet up to hook onto a power line, then flip around behind someone and kick them in the head for an attack, etc. Naturally, he speaks with an atrocious Chinese accent, and carries on a constant dialogue with his dead brother, whom (according to Chop) is always belittling him for his failures, not carrying on the family tradition, making their father proud, etc. Since his brother is an actual undead creature, you are playing both of them, and can go on two different initiatives. You might regain some of your family honor if you beat up Stu’s PC “Shell Game” etc.

Kid Unstoppable

Code Name: Kid Unstoppable

Real Name:

Player: Ed

Powers: basically, same as Superboy (super-strength, super-speed, flying invulnerability, heat vision, etc.)

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Origin Story:


Code Name: Wraith

Real Name:

Player: Matt

Powers: a P.I. who does investigations into the supernatural and otherworldly, he’s got tons of magical tricks up his sleeves…

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Origin Story:

Shell Game

Code Name: Shell Game

Real Name:

Player: Stu

Powers: makes multiple copies of himself, also is a trained circus carny

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Origin Story:

Session #18

Wraith, Ion, Draftsman and Kid Unstoppable had heard some rumors about trouble uptown, near Harlem. Despite their misgivings (it’s a pretty rough neighborhood…) they went to investigate, only to discover a comatose Jack Frost (member of the The Quorum) after capturing some of his hench-ladies in the process of robbery. It seemed someone had attacked the villain, and left him like that; in fact, this seemed to be happening all over town.

Venturing into Harlem itself, Wraith and Draftsman went inside a certain hangout to question some likely badguys for leads of these attacks, while (naive) Ion and Kid Unstoppable stayed outside and talked to the colorful locals (pimps & hos.) Suddenly a fight broke out, as various villains (Basilisk, Father Sam, etc.) tried to escape. After a rough and tumble, we followed the leads to some evidence that seemed to point to a recurring opponent that was essentially stealing the superpowers from various badguys and leaving them in comas. So far, we’d only had glimpses of our ultimate enemy, who’d always escaped us.

At around this point, Cleopatra called us out; with trepidation, we went to the rendezvous. It turned out to be nearly every remaining super-villain (save Daxx the Destroyer and the leaders of The Quorum) that wanted to turn themselves in for protective custody; they were scared pretty bad. The trail led to time travel, and with Captain Tomorrow unavailable, we turned to his arch-nemesis, Dr. Chronos. The good (evil) doctor let us us his time-traveling treadmill, which Kid Unstoppable could actually run on fast enough to send us whirling through time to the year 9999, where a team of JL heroes (see Session #14) of Jetstream, Orion, Hercules, Anomaly and Ion were battling the plot by Daxx to conquer all of time and having a showdown in the Time Enforcement Agency (TEA) HQ. Since Ion was both there and here, all kinds of alarms went off at our presence.

We found Captain Tomorrow, and warned him that in a little while, Dr. Chronos (who, in this version of the timestream, was currently incarcerated in his Porsche’s trunk) would knock him unconscious shortly (he ignored us as being highly implausible), and he directed us to the TEA archives — the only place in all of time and space that would give our opponent the detailed records of where to find, and steal the powers from, every badguy of our era.

Inside, we discovered that the Norse goddess Freya had gone insane after centuries of fighting evil, and had decided to ‘end it’ once and for all by destroying all of the world’s badguys at once. We thought about just attacking her (in this timestream, she did not yet have all the stolen superpowers, but did have two magical hammers, immense strength and invulnerability, incredible skill at battle, flight, and two magical goats that also flew) but decided to try to talk her down instead. Draftsman tried that, but it didn’t work, so he engaged her with all of his powers, as Ion and Kid Unstoppable battled her toe-to-toe, and Wraith hung in the background and used every device he had to tilt the odds in our favor.

It was an incredible fight, that we very nearly lost, but things turned a little bit when Draftsman encased her flying hammers in two ton blocks of concreted and teleported them far away — only to have them slam into her like freight trains once she called them back at top speed, and the others got in some key blows.

After stopping her and destroying the stolen time information, Wraith managed to figure out a magical means of contacting Odin (we needed help before she woke up again, as we likely wouldn’t win a second time around) and the King of Asgard asked us to take his daughter into our keeping. We agreed to take her on as a member of the Legion, after he put a magical bracelet on her sleeping form that would still (some) of her powers and (much of) her rage.

Session #17

Ion, Kid Unstoppable, Abby and The Draftsman went looking for one of the newer members of the JL, Wraith, who was missing. They arrived at his curio store/detective’s office just in time for some bad guys to show up and an explosion to happen.

Just before this, they had been visiting one of the city’s finer museums, and gotten drawn into an investigation of some missing exhibits and dead security guards. Something dark was going on, that reeked of black magic.

For almost no reason, our heroes immediately decided the the museum crimes and Wrath’s office blowing up we’re linked. After stopping the badguys and rescuing Wraith, they found out that their guess was spot-on. The evidence suggested that a wealthy family was experimenting with forbidden diabolical magical arts and artifacts, and that a cult had arisen around them, and that they were trying to capture Wraith to use him (or something he owned?) in claiming the soul of our own Abby. (Whether they knew that the devil inside Abby was running around loose, we didn’t know.)

Leaving Wraith to recover, we headed straight to the center of their operations to force a confrontation; and after politely waiting in their mansion’s ballroom and declining anything to drink, we felt sure we’d get that chance. We did, in an unexpected way; the ballroom turned into a chamber of darkness, and the missing museum exhibits (a mammoth, an ape, and a polar bear) all animated and attacked!

Normally, we’d be able to handle a trio of animated devil monsters — however, the magic of the room was such that our heroes were unpredictably switching bodes! Ion wound up swapping with Draftsman, and Draftsman managed to become one of the monsters, and then Kid Unstoppable swapped with Draftsman, etc.

Eventually, we stopped the madness, escaped the evil spell, and smashed the artifact (of Wraith’s) that they planned to use on Abby. Then we had them arrested (the Police Commissioner is still missing his hat!) but with their wealth and connections, these evil-doers will likely return someday…